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Consciencia Maatiam

Taking as a conceptual principle the words that make up the brand: Maatiam Consciousness. Consciousness (from the Latin conscientia “to be aware of it”) is defined, in general terms, as the immediate knowledge that the subject has of himself, of his acts and reflections, but also refers to the capacity of human beings to to see and recognize themselves and to judge about that vision and recognition. Maatiam means “Baja Califonrniano” and “Cachanilla” in the Kiliwa language. This is how a communication develops before the philosophy of the open mind and locating it in the geographical region from where the messages will be issued is a consensus on the perception of the environment. Our most important natural areas, the Mar and Sierra desert become the recognition of existence, being acknowledged as responsible for collective actions and reacts to them, respects and resumes the knowledge of our ancestors. It keeps in motion the knowledge gestated in our region from and for the community. It unites the philosophies of life and the daily activities that build our environment.