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Manejando tu Salud

The Managing Your Health program is dedicated to increasing access to health care and health promotion for prevention in the most needy communities, located 160 kilometers around Mexico City, projected to impact 350,000 Mexicans by 2019. The hand with the partners involved in the MTS program developing a spectrum of visual communication that would allow its applicability to the public with a well-defined institutional hierarchy. Taking a conceptual part in the development of a strategy based on structure and legibility we establish that the logo Managing your health can be applied in both languages ​​without problem because of its international character and visual communication remains intact. Succeeding to establish the base of the brand, the communication pieces from stationery to material for events are developed. Supporting projects that benefit our community is the first step of positive change in the world. As creatives we take this project with the determination to achieve a step up in public health.